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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 22, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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out of prince george's county. word that two people may have drowned in a residential pool in upper marlboro. these pictures from chopper 4 now this afternoon around 2:30 is when it all started to unfold. emergency crews arrived at the home in the 9200 block of fairhaven avenue and discovered two people motionless in the pool, a man and a teenage boy. >> it is believed the teenager jumped into the pool and went under. the adult jumped in to help. both victims were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition at this time. we'll have more in a live report coming up on news4 at 5:00. nxt today president obama reached out to shirley sherrod, the woman at the center have that racially tinged firestorm at the department of agriculture. >> reporter: from president obama, a phone call and an apology to shirley sherrod. the former agriculture official whose out ster touched off a
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firestorm. >>? >> some ways it was similar to the experience that's she has written, talked about. >> reporter: hours earlier, sherrod laid out what she would like the discuss. >> i would like to talk to him a little bit about the experiences of people like me. people at the grass root level. people who live out there in rural america. people who live in the south. i know he does not have that kind of experience. >> reporter: pushed out after a conservative blog posted edited video that seemed to show a racial bias sherrod has seen an extraordinary reversal of fortune. now she's getting support from both sides of the political aisle. >> the whole episode has been unfortunate. and i think this lady has been put through hell and back. this is not the way to treat a fellow american. >> reporter: the obama administration is taking criticism for the handling of the case, and racial issues. >> timid at this point.
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they have not realized that they can create an environment to courageously talk about race without making race a major platform. >> reporter: for the white house, another moment that says teachable as it is uncomfortable. miss sherrod has been offered another job at the agriculture department. a job dealing with race relations. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> now shirley sherrod said she has not decided yet whether to take the job. barbara? a little girl was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after getting her finger stuck in a metro escalator. it happened just after noon at the plaza in southwest washington. fire officials say a 4-year-old girl was exiting the station with her mother when she fell on the escalator. witnesses say they could hear her screaming all the way from the street level. >> held to baby hand. held to baby hand.
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the kids running in the escalator. officials say the girl suffered significant injuries to her hand but was alert and breathing when they took her to the hospital. this was tom sherwood. we'll have the latest on this story at 5:00. police made a disturbing discovery in the impound lot. a dead woman was found inside a car at the blue plains. that's in the 5000 block. this morning a worker alerted authority. police stay compact convertible car was impounded earlier this month for rush hour violations. they're not saying who owns the car. police have not released the identity of the person inside. we'll have much more coming up on news4 at 5:00. we're learning more tonight about a man who tried join a terrorist group with ties to al qaeda. these are pictures of zachary chesser. one from high school, the other
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more recent. chesser was arrested by the fbi yesterday. today he made a brief appearance before a judge in federal court in alexandria. news4's tracy wilkins has more. >> reporter: 20-year-old zachary chesser is facing federal charges and accused of being a terrorist recruit. an all american boy, he once played football and wrote when he attended high school in fairfax county. when he graduated, he won't to nearby george mason university. he dropped out during his second semester. >> he went to school here, took classes in the fall of 2008. he did not return in '09 and that's again last official affiliation we've had with him. >> he is following his own journey after he left here. >> reporter: on july, transportation safety officials at jfk airport in new york as he tried to fly to somalia. his writings, threats and video led to him on a no-fly list. he confessed that he planned to go to somalia to join al
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shabaab. he confessed to knowing it was a terrorist organization with ties to al qaeda saying, quote, it is an easier organize to join than other known organizations overseas such as the taliban or those in iraq. tracy wilkins, news4. >> chesser is a married man with an infant son. investigators say he actually talked with his wife about using their son as a way to slip on to a maybe and get overseas. chesser joins a list of more than 30 americans who have been charged with direct involvement with international terrorism since january of last year. we're following a developing story out of wyoming where a missing climber has been found. the body was discovered on the side of a cliff at the grand teton national park in cheyenne. rescue crews and a helicopter spotted the body this morning. he is identified as a 21-year-old iowa man. there are reports he fell over the cliff last night during a
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thunderstorm. 16 other climbers were rescued. authorities say all of them suffered injuries from the storm. let's check on the weather. a nice day out there. not as humid as it was yesterday. >> i think we've pull back on that but we're still in the mid 90s. >> yes, we're still in the mid 90s. i will take mid 90s with low humidity today, jim, because coming up, some very high temperatures. much higher than today. and even higher humidity. so we've got a couple advisories and already out for friday and even for saturday that we'll talk more about. you can see today, we did have some building cumulus clouds across the area. yes, we did. in fact, our temperatures are at 95 degrees. george 200, clinton and capitol height at 92. centreville right now, 93 degrees in fairfax. and up north, montgomery county, 95 degrees currently in montgomery county. when you factor in the humidity, it doesn't make it feel like it is that much hotter outside.
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a different case for friday right around the corner and even saturday. wave heat advisory that goes from noon friday until 9:00 p.m. all those county, fairfax, prince william, down through stafford, spotsylvania, and the areas to the east. so what that means is that it will feel like 105 degrees tomorrow. who is doing that barbecue outside? i know you'll tell me in a minute. you'll to have draw straws on that one. rising humidity for the overnight period. oppressive heat for the next two days. we're going to be looking out at a little cooldown which we'll talk about that. any storms that we could have this weekend, including what's going on with that tropical depression, down into the caribbean. >> thanks. >> marlboro with steak. >> that sounds great. in other news, president obama signed legislation aimed at reducing wasteful government spending. the new laws called the improper payments elimination and recovery act.
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the government estimates it wrote nearly $110 billion to checks to people who should not have received them. >> going forward, every agency will be able to conduct annual assessmentes to determine which of the programs are at risk of making ill proper payments. agencies will be able to audit more of the program and recapture more taxpayer dollars. >> some of the improper payments were made to people in jail or dead. the goal of the legislation is to save $50 billion in taxpayer money. a hot day behind the wheel. we'll get a traffic report coming up. ashley? >> hello, this afternoon, certainly it will be a tough one. we travel around the region, we have big delays to join one the outer loop. an earlier accident by river road. look at the damage. painfully slow. as you make this trip, leaving democracy boulevard to join up with the outer loop, the good news is, what you've got in store is that the accident activity was right here on our
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camera shot. it has been cleared so lanes reopen and no big problems to report. as we travel elsewhere, drivers on the noop. no accidents, just delays, a a district this is the pace on 14. it doesn't look too bad but wave big issue out of northwest tying thing up. pennsylvania avenue will be shut down between ninth and sixth northwest due to police activity. it will affect northbound seventh and nine. those will be shut down at constitution avenue and as i mentioned, this resulted in big delays around northwest. not necessarily in this camera shot but i assure you that there are delays out of northwest. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks. >> thank you. when news4 at 4:00 continues, crews keep an eye on an approaching storm as efforts to kill the oil well in the gulf stalled. a couple sailors have a whale of a tale to tell. see what happened when they encountered this 40-ton behemoth.partially owned by the
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a newure is 58 finds the
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majority have americans are still unclear about the economy. 62% say they're not counting on a rebound. 85% rated current job opportunities as only fair or poor. and two-thirds say their households won't see a stable financial situation for at least two to three years. michelle franzen has more on the can't state of the economy. >> reporter: at a recent job fair for south carolina bmw plant, yvonne thomas jones waited with hundred of other hopeful applicants in search of work. >> i think everybody won't qualify. >> reporter: key indicators show the nation's economy is recovering at a much slower pace than expected. first time jobless claim jumped last week to their highest since february. and federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told a congressional committee the nation's economic outlook remains unusually uncertain. >> we are ready and we will act if the economy does not continue to improve. >> the motion is adopted.
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>> reporter: today the house voted to extend unemployment benefits and passed the bill to the president's desk but republicans stay focus should be on creating jobs. >> americans are still asking the question, where are the jobs? and all president obama has to offer them is more stimulus spending. >> reporter: the lack of jobs along with the end of the first time home buyer tax credits are also taking their toll on the housing market. sales for previously owned home fell just over 5% last month. >> there is a large economic uncertainty. the job market and unemployment rate is 9.5%. very high. a lot of anxiety among consumers out there. >> reporter: other leading indicators including manufacturing and consumer confidence are also seeing a drop. a trend economists say could last the rest of the year. michelle franzen, news4. the president has pledged to quickly sign the measure. business analysts say general motors plans to get back into the business of making risky auto loans.
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general motor is buying america credit corporation for $3.5 billion. the deal will allow the auto maker to offer more leases and expand loans to customers with poor credit. gm executives have said for months that they were missing sales opportunities due to lack of credit and lease deals for sub prime buyers. the u.s. government owns 61% of gm. when the the nasdaq closed 58 opponent higher. the s&p 500 is up 24 points. secretary of state hillary clinton was presented with two very personal gifts today in vietnam. the foreign minister presented a table cloth as a wedding present for her daughter chelsea. and officials also unveiled a
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mosaic portrait of the secretary of state and her daughter from a picture taken during their visit to vietnam 2000. it is composed of precious gems that came from viet zmam myanmar. mrs. clinton said she is honored and very pleased to give it to chelsea. the wedding is set for july 31st. you know how hot and dry it's been around here lately and the weather is taking its toll on gardens right now. keeping yours looking good isn't as simepl as turning to a hose. with the help of the how-to website monkey, a local expert offers some advice and shows off some products to help. >> reporter: with the solar heat in full force, it is important to remember to give your plants proper tlc. proper watering can help. we want to use water wisely. that means selecting plants that don't require that much water. i'm using a water wand to reduce the pressure of the water. but still allow full volume of water. we want to get that water right
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to the base of plants so we can see it soaking into the root system. mulch is a great way to conserve moisture in the flower bed as long as it is properly applied. we want an inch and a half to two inches of mulch to get the benefit. we're using a soaker hose back here. another great method of delivering water efficiently to our plants. we can target delivery of water with very little evaporation. the lawns really take a beating months. this is an indication of some of that summer stress. we're starting to get some browning. setting the mower to its highest setting, three, three and a half, even four inches high will help reduce evaporation. shade the soil surface and reduce some of the stress during the summer. gator bags or tree gators are another way to deliver water to newly planted trees and that's the key. first i would water the tree well. then fill the bag and allow that to maintain moisture in the soil. if they're left on the tree
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during the summer without actually using them, they may form a bare year to natural rainfall so if you're going to use them, make sure you fill them regularly. remember, watering is the most important aspect of summer gardening. if done properly, your lawn and garden will stay cool and look great all season long. >> to see those tips again, visit our home page. and search gardening. >> hard to tell the grass from the mulch these days. a lot more to come. brangelina gets pay back in a british newspaper that features false allegations about their private lives. and we're not the only ones dealing with a heat wave. in russia, some have found an unusual way to cool down. and for all the latest celebrity buzz in our region, sign up for our new entertainment text alerts. find out who is in town and where you might see them. just text dc nightside to get the skinny.
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these folks know how to beat the heat, put on a swimsuit and get on the ice. parts of russia are dealing with a heat wave but the temperature stays about 40 degrees all year round. the glacier that form over the winter doesn't completely melt. veronica, we could use one of those around here to cool thing down. >> 40 degrees? >> just to sit on for a while. >> at 40 degrees, would you want to have on a bathing suit out there? >> no. >> pretty brave. >> not unless i'm doing some cool photo shoot and i'm supposed to look that way. >> that would be good. >> i don't know too many folks who have been complaining about this. it all relative. and it will get crazy the next two days around here. >> right. we're talking about near 100 degrees. some are really reminiscent of 2007 where we have four and five days over 100 degrees. that's when we could have by the time we get on the other side of
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saturday. and of course, today is day nine consecutive days. 90 degrees or higher. it is 95 now and the heat index is 95 degrees. the humidity has been operating throughout the area with the westerly wind at 9 miles per hour. we'll see this wind shift over the next couple of hours by the time we get to 9:00 and 10:00. i think the winds will be out of the southwest and that means humidity will be brought back to the area. 11:00 p.m., clear skies. we lose the moon. it will be setting, 75 to 76 early tomorrow morning where we'll be starting out slightly humid. with a rise, the heat advisories posted from noon friday. down to eastern north carolina and south carolina. and georgia and areas into the nation's mid second quarter, too. even on heat warnings posted for some areas of kansas and north eastern oklahoma. we keep talking about this big
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ridge of high pressure building. kansas, right now, there in the brown mid-atlantic states northeast, that's where we're getting a break. the dew point temperature at 58 degrees, probably the most comfortable spot here, in boston and new york and anywhere else in the east. we like to talk about the dew point temperature. you can look at that any point in the day and get an idea based on the ranges it is. we're in the comfort zone. very humid. 70 to 75 degrees by the week. a big ridge of high pressure builds from the nation's mid section and we're watching this one, too. this is tropical depression number three. in the atlantic basin. it will provide some heavy rain to southern florida. i think later tonight and early tomorrow morning, by the time we get to sunday right there, late sunday, could wind up around the coast of louisiana and north eastern texas. the humidity will be climbing late as temperatures start to cool off. and then tomorrow morning, 70 to
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75 degrees. the start. hot, humid and feeling like 105 degrees. feel like 110 on saturday. we get a breakfast on swund some passing storm during the afternoon. sunday will feel much like today. this is some serious heat coming up for friday and saturday. not the kind you want to mess with. for a lot of folk on the weekend, they try to get the yardwork done. just skip it. >> go skating. still to come, a storm churning in the caribbean brings efforts to cool that bp oil well to a halt. we'll have the latest. good samaritans pull a man to safety moments before his
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92. welcome back at 4:30. >> i'm jim handly. >> two people, a man and a teenage boy were pulled motionless from a residential pool. it is believed the teen jumped into a neighbor's pool and went under and a man jumped in to help. no word on their conditions. the white house says president obama apologized to shirley sherrod today for her ouster at the department of agriculture. he also asked her to accept a new job that agriculture secretary tom vilsack offered her yesterday. the white house said they shaut sherrod was very gracious. and a virginia man accused of trying to travel to somalia to join al shabaab today. zachary chesser didn't say much in court. only that an attorney be pointed for him. he will be back in court for a detention hearing tomorrow. and a new poll from city
4:30 pm
group shows the majority of americans are still unclear about the economy. 62% of those polled say they are be counting on a rebound and 85% rated the current job market as poor or fair. a tropical depression is now racing toward the gulf of mexico. and that is putting pressure on bp and the federal government to decide whether to evacuate dozens of shifts at the site of that ruptured well. however, there's word this afternoon that the massive containment cap that's holding back the oil will remain on the broken well. even if the ships leave because of the storm. kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> reporter: after months of laying out protective boom, crews in florida spent the day pulling it in. now afraid a storm could push it into fragile marshland doing more harm than good. knowing that as waves pick up, the boom would do little to hold back the oil anyway and as forecasters now plot just where the storm might be headed, out
4:31 pm
at the well site, plans are being made for what could be tropical storm force winds by the weekend. >> we're working closely with noaa and the national hurricane center to determine, will it build into a storm and what path will it take. >> reporter: crews have already stopped work on the primary relief well and inserted a storm plug to prevent damage. now official must decide on evac weighing. >> we have to evacuate, we are prepared to cap the well and we will get back out as soon as we can. >> reporter: either way, it seems the storm will slow down effort to permanently kill the crippled well, leaving a region that is already seen three months of this disaster, now facing one more wave of bad luck. nbc news, new orleans. >> fishing boats that were whelming the skipping effort were also ordered back to court. california governor arnold schwarzenegger is using the bp oil spill for some comedic relief. while speaking to a group of
4:32 pm
utility workers yesterday, he compared to it actor mel gibson. >> the good news is that bp has contain the oil leak. that is good news finally. finally. the bad news is that no one has figured out how to contain mel gibson. >> the governor was referring to clips at radar online which claim to be profanity clips between gibson and his ex-girlfriend. hollywood power couple brad pitt and angelina jolie have accepted an undisclosed amount of money from a british tabloid. the news of the world paper reported the two were splitting up. pitt and jolie called it false and intrusive. when the paper refused to principle a retraction, they sued. they said they will donate the
4:33 pm
money to their charity. cruise lines will have to crack down on criminal behavior on ships while they're at sea. president obama is expected to sign a new law requiring ships to improve passenger and crew safety. >> reporter: it doesn't happen often but it does happen. brakes, battery, theft. crew passenger are sometime victims and in international water, no one is making sure to have a trained forensic sexual assault specialist on board every shift sxiflt mandates basic safety features. security cameras and emergency sound systems require railings 42 inches high. all intended to make an important industry healthier. >> it is certainly important to port canaveral. this is our bread and butter. >> reporter: theft? crew passengers are sometimes victims. in international waters, no one is making sure --
4:34 pm
>> we're having some audio difficulty there. the website will also be in place where passengers can get a list of any crimes that have occurred on a ship before booking a cruise. a minnesota man barely escaped a van crash thursday night, tuesday night, actually, on a police dash cam showed the rescue. the frun-year-old driver crashed his van into a tree in rochester. several people witnessed the crash and were able to help pull the man to safety. just moments before the flames consumed the van. he was taken to the hospital. there is no word on his condition at this time. there is more to come on the discovery at stonehenge. and doctors issued new guidelines about the amount of coffee women can drink during their preg
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the national zoo is working the restore a threatened and amphibian species and it is giving visitors a chance to see some really interesting looking animal. they're japanese giant salamanders. the zoo has established a long-term breeding program in the state. it is the first time the salamanders have been bred outside japan in more than a century. the ones unveiled today aren't that big but they can grow up to five feet long. whoa! look at the paws on that thing. >> i think i would like them if they were purple or something. >> or if they had shoes or something. i shouldn't have said it. >> are you ready for a little bit of humidity? >> no. a lot. >> all right. the next couple days here, our highest humidity not for the
4:39 pm
next seven days but probably the highest humidity and temperatures combined. we've seen this summer coming our way on friday and saturday. and it will come with a sky that's much like today with a lot of sunshine across the area. here's what's going. on we have high pressure at the surface just to the west of the area. so hence, we're getting a break from the humidity. as that scoot to the east, that humidity on the other side will be making its way back to the area. the big cities of new york and philadelphia as will be the case right here. not too bad, richmond at 96 degrees. this evening, 84 degrees. it will be nice but warm. humidity again climbing during the overnight. 75 is the temperature to start the day on friday. it's friday already tomorrow. 98 degrees. the high temperature. the record for tomorrow is 101. then on saturday, likely to
4:40 pm
sha shatter. as you push the temperature up that high, with some very high humidity, it is an excessive heat watch up for saturday. issued by the national weather service. hazy, high heat and very oppressive until sunday. then we get a break. right now for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, i'm taking our temperatures down to at least the upper 80s. how about that? >> bundle up. you've been doing a lot of flirting and shattering this summer, of records. >> i'm tired of it. >> if you were where i grew up, you would have salamanders as friends. they were all over my neighborhood. >> don't bring one in for me. >> i promise. when we come back, a plus size controversy involving a mod and he will some fashion shoot photos that were retouched to make her look slimmer. and tv anchor woman is recuperating after swallowing a mosquito live on the air. look inside a more than
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17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add jobs, thanks to the amazing power of an open internet that works. america needs an internet that is always getting faster, safer, and more secure. at at&t, our investment last year of more than 17 billion dollars in the wireless and wired networks of tomorrow is what's fueling innovation today and creating jobs and opportunities now. we invest because we know the internet works. it's working for our children,
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our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now.
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the news for your health, a new study shows drinking coffee while you're pregnant is okay. that's a word from the american koflg obgyns. it found moderate amounts are not harmful to a developing fetus. 12 ounces or less each day will not increase the rick of miscarriage or preterm birth. researchers do caution that they're still unsure how high levels of caffeine are linked to miscarriages or if they are at all. the fashion world considers her plus size and model crystal says she's shocked the photographer retouched photos to make her look thinner. she said she is a size 10. photos she took for a recent charity shoot were to make her look slimmer. she said that she has been working out lately but she feels
4:45 pm
those photos were an inaccurate representation. >> no more plus size. it is like them against us, us against them. that is not the way women should look at each other. it if we did something like that, that's where i'm going. that's where my message is going. i want to get rid of titles. they demean women. >> the photographer who retouched the photos wrote on his blog, quote, the minimal retouching that i did is nothing that wouldn't be seen in a magazine today. there is nothing hidden about it. he says. >> there has been a big discovery at one of the world's most famous archaeological sites. scientists believe they've stumbled upon the remains of an ancient wooden monument near the famed stonehenge. it could be one of the most significant finds in decades. chris clackham has our report. >> reporter: stonehenge has towered above the plain for more than 4,000 years and each year,
4:46 pm
people gather to mark the summer stole stis there. it has been the site of extensive extoday vegases and study. the most recent was made without a single turn of the shuttle. using advanced scanning equipment, scientists found a circle of pits about 1,000 yards from the stones. they believe it might be the remains of what could have looked like a second stonehenge. but a wooden equivalent to its famous stone cousin. >> we haven't found a major ceremonial site at this site or this significance for probably 50 years or more within the area of stonehenge. it fills in. that you know gap in the landscape. it changes the character of the landscape. the presumption was, this is just an empty field. now you've got a major ceremonial monument looking at stonehenge. >> the that i have was found two weeks into a three-year project to map the site with advanced
4:47 pm
imaging technology. >> certainly even the places we've known about were getting images and were getting data, the likes of which have never been seen before. >> reporter: that mean more discoveries could be on the way. chris clackham, nbc news. >> what a mystery. >> coming up, a little boy uses lessons learned in his second grate grade class to help save his 2-year-old sister's life. and a couple sailors survive a dramatic encounter on the high seas.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
an 8-year-old boy said he was doing what he learn in school when he saved his sister's life. in a strange twist, it came courtesy of his mom. he lives in arlington, texas. he adores his 2-year-old sister. he was the only one nearby when
4:51 pm
she started choking on some goldfish crackers. >> i heard her coughing. she was doing this. i grabbed her right here. i told her to calm down and one, two, three times and it just came out. >> you want him around when you're eating goldfish crackers. elijah learned the maneuver in school when a paramedic visited his second grade class. elijah's mother arranged a visit. one might call itton occupational hazard. a tv news anchor choked a mosquito. it happen in taiwan. the anchor was delivered the news when the mosquito flew into her mouth and lodged in her wind pipe. she started choking and it led to an asthma attack. the station cut to a commercial break. that led to four minutes while they tried to fix things. she was rushed to the hospital while another person rushed to the set to finish the newscast. we're told the anchor is doing fine today. >> boy, you need a magnifying
4:52 pm
glass. that was a tiny mosquito. >> it was but i guess it triggered something that was hard for her to get over. still ahead, a frightening endown we are a 40-ton whale. two sailors get a little too close for comfort. and check out this video. find out what happened when two tried to take pictures of a buffalo.
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4:55 pm
sunshine today, it's been plenty hot. it will be even higher temperatures. even hotter and more oppressive because with a high of 98 tomorrow, it is likely to feel we're up over 100 degrees to 105. that will be the heat index. some sunshine throughout the area. you can see where that storm will hit on the bay. the high, 94, with the 30% chance of rain and the water temperature at the beach. the water is 78 degrees. two south african sailors found themselves with the whale of a tale to tell. they were sailing off the coast of cape town on sunday. suddenly, a rite whale estimated to be about 30 feet long and weighing more than 40 tons jumped out of the water and crashed into their boat. the impact crushed the mast but fortunately the couple was not hurt. they said they first noticed the whale about 100 yards from their
4:56 pm
boat but they never expected to it approach them. >> i never thought it would happen. our previous experience has been that whales dive under and come up on the other side of the boat. >> a passenger nearby took the photos of the incident. a vacation at yellowstone national park became a little too dramatic for a utah woman. her friend wanted to get close to the wildlife to get some good pictures but the pair soon found themselves being chased by a buffalo. it was all caught on tape. sandra yee has the story. >> we're in the park. and there is the buffalo. and he's just wandering across the road. >> reporter: kathy hayes kept her distance while getting video. but watching it from afar wasn't good enough for her friend who wanted to get a closer look at it for himself.
4:57 pm
with the camera rolling, she followed him and joke about how dangerous this was. never expecting what would come next. they were about 30 feet away when the buffalo became agitated. >> my friend decided to break through the trees and that's when the buffalo saw him and started to charge him. >> reporter: she fell and that's when the buffalo turned its attention on her. >> back, back, back! >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> she took cover behind a tree. when the buffalo hit it, she made a run for her car but didn't make it. >> i was behind the clump of trees and there was only this much room between the two clumps of trees. he maneuvered in between those and turns on a dime and came after me. [ yelling ] >> the buffalo rammed her in her left thigh flipping her over. she thanned on her left leg which is now badly bruised.
4:58 pm
>> i was waiting for him to stomp my head. could i hear his breathing and his nose was right by my head. i thought this was it. >> when her husband ran from the car waving his arms and legs, the buffalo took off as fast as he had come. hayes has seen the video many times but it never gets any easier to watch. >> my heart is racing again. it was a traumatic experience. so yeah. just don't do what i did. be smart, people. >> wow! that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. a 4-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital after getting her finger stuck in a metro escalator. and i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. >> it was a frightening scene. this accident inside the la
4:59 pm
fante metro station. the little girl's condition now. >> parents and caregivers know, you always have to be alert around small children. and escalators are especially dangerous. the up escalator at metro's station was shut down thursday after a 4-year-old girl fell, severely injuring her left hand in the escalator threads. >> the parents and the 4-year-old girl were exiting the plaza station at seventh avenue and the little girl fell on the escalator and severely injured her left hand. >> a hotdog vendor nearby said the girl's parent rushed for ice and napkins to get help. >> everybody tried to do something. she was there. take the napkin. give it


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